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Team TPi and its sponsors work together towards a common goal - promoting each other. TPi members promote sponsors' products or services both at and away from Performance Rally events. Promotion involves increasing product/service awareness through displays, distribution of information brochures and general discussion.



Racing camshafts & valve train products


Import car performance specialists.
Anything from mild to wild!!
Full engine rebuilds. Dynojet Facility.


Performance Clutches

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Dave Thomas, a two time SW Region Divisional PRO Rally Champion('88 & '89) and ex-SW Region PRO Rally Steward, helped Jowi get started in PRO Rally in 1990. He is a mentor, friend and trailer sponsor!!

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Steve Brannon - friend, motorsports enthusiast



Team TPi is seeking support for the 2018 Performance Rally season and beyond. We would like to propose, for consideration, a joint venture involving you (a potential sponsor), other co-sponsors, and Team TPi in a sales and marketing exercise that is exciting, highly visual, and appeals to a wide ranging audience.

European and Japanese automobile manufacturers contest the World Rally Championships, many of which are supported by large corporations that use the sponsorship as a suitable platform for joint publicity. In Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific Rim the sport has grown to the point where commercial companies view the wide following of Rallying as a major sales and marketing medium. In North America Performance Rallying is rapidly growing both as a sport and as a media focal point. 

What benefits can you derive from sponsoring Team TPi?

PUBLICITY - Performance Rally coverage in the local, national and international media is steadily increasing, thanks to Rally America, a  Minnesota based corporation, that holds the sanctioning and marketing rights to the Rally America Championship, and thanks to the United States Rally Championship, LLC.

VISIBILITY - Prior to the start of a Performance Rally, competitors are required to display their cars at a "Parc Expose", a specific location for public viewing. The car, with your company name/logo on it, is visible to the public and spectators while in transit to the event, at the start, and in the competitive sections, thus extending the total visibility and corporate theme.

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